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Patient-Powered Disease-Specific Communities

PALTOWN Communities

Safe, authentic spaces for patients and caregivers. Our first community, COLONTOWN, is home to more than 9000 colorectal cancer patients and caregivers.

Patient Leadership

PALTOWN's Empowering Patient Leaders Workshops train community leaders. We are wrapping up our last of 4 Workshops in 2023.

Latest Update:  COLONTOWN University

New Resource!

Check out the Mental Wellness Resource Fair in our CRC 101 Learning Center.

COLONTOWN: Here for You

Meet Marie Sander, a PALTOWN staffer who is currently NED (no evidence of disease) after a diagnosis of stage IV colorectal cancer.

Our impact:

  • The surgeons and oncologists do their best at keeping us alive but COLONTOWN gives us LIFE!
    COLONTOWN Member
  • I went out to eat with [2 COLONTOWN caregivers] this evening. They absolutely love what COLONTOWN has provided and consider it the most valuable organization they have experienced since the cancer diagnosis of their husbands.
    COLONTOWN Member
  • my husband's best friend ... lived a year longer because of all we learned here.
  • I am truly grateful for the profound difference COLONTOWN has made in my life. From front line patient experiences to cutting edge clinical knowledge, these groups have provided me more than I could have ever asked for.
    Michelle Prince
    current patient