I became involved in patient advocacy when my mother was diagnosed with incurable cervical cancer in 2012. Her doctor offered her very few options, so I undertook a deep dive into the world of cancer research, as well as corresponded with top researchers around the world about the latest developments. 

My research led me to a promising clinical trial that my mother participated in, which shrunk her cancer and gave her valuable additional years. This experience led me to focus on patient advocacy and to found LifeTrials, a charity focused on informing patients of the latest research advances and clinical trials. My goal is to ensure patients are getting the best treatments and that all available options are considered based on the latest evidence.

I know that one of the most valuable tools available for patients is community organizations, and when a close friend was diagnosed with CRC I reached out to PALTOWN and joined COLONTOWN. I was blown away at how wildly supportive and knowledgeable the group was and knew I had to be a part of it.

Currently, I work with PALTOWN and COLONTOWN researching and informing the community of valuable clinical trial options, and providing easy-to-understand explanations of the latest research advances and topics at the forefront of CRC treatment research.