I have been married 27 years to my high school sweetheart Jeff. We live in Louisville, Kentucky. Together, we are raising five amazing gifts through adoption, (two domestic, two from Congo, Africa and one from Uganda, Africa). I am the proud mama of a Navy Surface Warfare Officer, two college students and two high schoolers who I homeschool. We absolutely love to travel with our favorite places being Caribbean beaches and the National Parks.
My husband’s Stage IV rectal cancer diagnosis at the age of 44 in 2017 rocked our world! As a childhood cancer survivor, researcher, and fixer, I went to work on learning as much as I possiblycould and developing a plan to fight this. Our strategy is that I am the researcher, the advocate and the plan developer and my husband just says, “I’ll do whatever you tell me” (he’s a smart guy!). This works for us, and he can focus on his attitude and his health. I found COLONTOWN on Facebook in 2019 after a devastating recurrence with peritoneal metastasis, lymph node metastasis and liver metastasis following 15 months of NED. COLONTOWN has become our go-to source of information, new family and friends who understand this world like no other, and
resources that have helped us develop an amazing treatment plan. I truly believe my husband’s success in this journey is due in large part to the cutting-edge technology
recommendations and resources we learned about on COLONTOWN.
I am thrilled to join the PALTOWN team to help support patients and caretakers through content development on COLONTOWN University.