I am a stage II colorectal cancer survivor diagnosed in 2016. I have been with COLONTOWN for 3 years. I am Community Leader for the AGES AND STAGES groups. In this role, I oversee these groups, making sure that they are running smoothly, help to onboard new members and am in contact with the admins if there are any questions or issues. I also admin for the 2NDAVE. (stage II group) and MOTOR CITY CREW. In these groups, I make sure all posts receive responses, fire up important discussions and post current scientific articles pertaining to these groups.  I have attended 2 Empowered Patient Leader Workshops.

My goal is to make an impact on the CRC community by helping to improve screening rates, providing much needed support and connections, helping guide people to critical and potentially life-saving information they need in finding clinical trials or information on neuropathy etc. I am also currently a panel member of CRAN (Colorectal Awareness Network). This group is part of the American Cancer Society and its sole purpose is to raise the screening rate to 80%.

Helping others is my passion and I would like to share an amazing analogy that a friend, Charles, who I met at the 1st Empowered Patient Leader Workshop, shared with us at the workshop. He compared us to glowsticks. He held up a glowstick and said, after snapping the stick, a glowstick needs to be broken to shine. Just like us when we receive the cancer diagnosis, we feel broken but it also gives us an opportunity to shine by helping others and making a difference. COLONTOWN gave me support when I needed it the most and I hope that I can give that back to those who may feel lost in their diagnosis and are searching for help.