I was diagnosed with stage lllb colon cancer in May 2019. I was 36 and didn’t know of anyone my age with this diagnosis. I had no family history and nothing genetic to explain why this happened to me.
While in the hospital, I started searching for information and support groups. I came across COLONTOWN and joined. I instantly made connections with not only people that had young onset colorectal cancer, but local “townies” that quickly became some of my closest friends. I didn’t feel alone and felt supported throughout my diagnosis and treatment.
After I finished chemo, I knew I wanted to give back. I did the first virtual Empowered Patient Leader training in July 2020. Soon after, I became the admin for 3RD LANE, then TOUGH CHICKS and NED BALLROOM. I also help moderate the Cleveland crew and help the fundraising team. After a year, I was asked to become an EPL Trainer.  I am also happy to be a Community Leader for the PATIENT PLAZA groups!  In the summer of 2022, I became a member of the COLONTOWN Cabinet. All of this has been incredibly healing and helped give me my “why.”