I was diagnosed in December 2011 with Stage I Rectal Cancer. After progressing to Stage IV four years later I needed to find support and information, which led me to COLONTOWN.   It was there that I made friendships and connected with people that have loved, supported and guided me through some of my toughest days.  And, to my surprise, also offered education and information from dealing with medication side effects to finding the most recent and innovated cancer treatments.

I found my voice with COLONTOWN and started to take charge of my care, working alongside my oncologist to figure out the best treatment plan that allowed for a better quality of life.  I felt the desire to give back and help others gain everything I had from such an amazing group of patients and caregivers.   After attending an Empowering Patient Leaders Workshop I got right to work starting a group local to me in Connecticut, helping to onboard and admin a large neighborhood for Rectal Cancer patients and get involved in organizing and planning future EPL meetings.  I am beyond grateful to be a small part of a huge blessing in the middle of a difficult disease.