I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer on 5/5/21, have completed several surgeries and am currently on my 2nd line of chemotherapy.

When I heard those words “You have cancer” as you can imagine, my world flipped upside down. I immediately thought…”How long do I have.” I am a husband to my wife Casey of 15 years, as well as a father to my 2 sons Logan and Parker.

You can find yourself digging into a dark hole as a stage IV patient, while researching survival rates, treatment options etc. My nurse navigator recommended that I investigate the group “COLONTOWN.” This community has been a tremendous part of my treatment plan. They have helped me answer questions, seek advice, helped empower me to get a 2nd opinion, and helped me to become a better advocate for myself.

The Empowered Patient Leadership program offered me a way to give back to others that have helped me along my journey. I am now an admin for my local regional group, and part of the Empowered Patient Leadership team, as well as part of the COLONTOWN Cabinet.