I found COLONTOWN when my husband was diagnosed in 2017 with stage 4 CRC.  It was the community I had no idea I needed, but it saved my life and my sanity so I could be the rock my husband needed me to be.

It was an instant connection – finding people going through this with their loved ones, sharing experiences, information, support and sometimes just laughs.
A couple of weeks into my membership,  I was approached about becoming an admin.  I  wasn’t sure it was something I could take on, but it was not a difficult decision.
Giving back to the community and helping others get through this journey is all I can do to control things that are out of my control.  This is what we do in the cancer world.  People usher us in and hold our hands and then we do the same when it’s our turn.  I’ve found a huge group of people who are there for each other and I’m so thankful to be a part of this community and all it has to offer.