Stacey joined COLONTOWN in 2011 after her husband Rick was diagnosed with stage IV adenocarcinoma of unknown primary. Sadly, Rick died of his disease in 2014, but Stacey’s passion for the mission has kept her involved in the community ever since. She has had the bittersweet opportunity to play an active role in COLONTOWN—viewing its growth and evolution from its earliest days. She helped develop the curricula for EPL training and is the former leader for the caregiver neighborhoods in COLONTOWN. 

Professionally, Stacey is an entrepreneur and artist. She holds a dual BA in Business Management and Dance Education from Ithaca College. Her career has spanned education, management, and most recently business owner. She is thrilled for the opportunity to combine her professional background and personal cancer experience to help lead the COLONTOWN community as Mayor.

Outside of COLONTOWN, Stacey enjoys paddleboarding, and exploring unique coffee shops with her partner Michael. She attempts to play golf (Rick’s favorite sport!), she is a tap dancer, and a (begrudging) beginner runner.