Meet Betsy Post!

I came to COLONTOWN as primary caregiver for my intellectually disabled sister, Pam, who was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer in 2016. I was dedicated to pursuing the most advanced treatments from world class medical professionals, and COLONTOWN is where I learned it all. 

Pam and Betsy

 Pam endured numerous chemotherapies, surgeries, procedures, and hospital stays with a smile on her face and with a world-famous thumbs up. 

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Dancing with Cancer

For the better part of nine years I have been dancing with cancer. I call it a dance as my cancer and I have both been locked, circling each other, intent on killing our dancing partner. The fact that I am writing this, however, means that our dance has not ended; neither it nor I have succeeded in vanquishing the other.

Icing: Patient Advocacy at Work

Sometimes, what adds value and quality to patient care may be something as small as ice chips in a bag, along with curiosity and a willingness to listen to the patient experience.

A Lesson in Defiant Joy

Guest author and COLONTOWN admin Lindsey Musick on living with defiant joy as a stage iv cancer patient in the time of COVID 19.

Online: Where Experience Reaches Out

All of our individual business and personal lives have come to a screeching halt with the pandemic. Each of us is in the process of slowly awakening to this profound shift. Everyone in our cancer world is realizing that we all need to change the way we develop our working partnerships.

What COLONTOWN is thankful for!

To kick off the giving season, I asked the members of COLONTOWN to reflect on what they’re most thankful for. Research says that showing acts of gratitude, or just simply saying out loud what makes you thankful can increase your happiness as well as that of others around you. 

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Community Leaders Receive Grant from Colon Cancer Coalition

April 15, 2019: PALTOWN is excited to announce that has received a grant from the Colon Cancer Coalition to support Community Leaders in its colorectal cancer community, COLONTOWN. COLONTOWN offers its over 4700 members access to 140 “neighborhoods” focusing on different aspects of the cancer experience, and is run entirely by patient and caregiver volunteers.

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