Positive lessons we learn from cancer

Hi Colontown, 

After writing the CT bucket list, I was inspired to write and learn more about all of you. When I explain to people what my internship is, I love to use the example of the CT bucket list post. I publish every post with a new outlook on life.Read more

What’s on your bucket list?

buck·et list


  1. a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
    “making this trip is the first thing on my bucket list”

My bucket list includes: seeing the northern lights, going to Europe, and swimming with dolphins. 

Cancer has not stopped my family from completing our bucket list, but has actually made us do more things. Read more

Jacqueline Milhone Interview

Welcome back to Sydney’s Corner! 

Earlier this week I asked for volunteers to be interviewed for my blog, and I got a ton of responses! The first person to message me was Jacqueline Milhone, 33 years old from Madison, Wisconsin. 

A high fever and abdominal pain originally sent Jacqueline to the emergency room.Read more

A Retreat with Purpose

san fran from a distance - mount tamalpaisCEO and Founder Erika Brown on her experience at a recent retreat sponsored by A Fresh Chapter

Neighborhood Spotlight: CAREPARTNER COVE – Andi Vanderhoek

One of the most unique parts of COLONTOWN is our neighborhoods. As most of you know, COLONTOWN has over 130 neighborhoods for all of your needs; we have everything from treatment plans to groups just for a specific diagnosis. I want to use this platform to highlight some of the different neighborhoods for current members and those of you new to COLONTOWN! Read more

Carole’s Journey to ASCO!

Carole Motycka talks about her ASCO experience! Learn about her story, and advise for future conference attendees!

Welcome to Sydney’s Corner!

Welcome to Sydney’s Corner! 

My name is Sydney Topper and I am the marketing and digital communications intern for PALTOWN! I hope to use this platform to make weekly posts about upcoming events and all things PALTOWN/COLONTOWN. 

A little about myself and my family: I’m 16 years old and I live in the Northern Virginia area, about an hour outside DC.Read more