Hi Colontown, 

After writing the CT bucket list, I was inspired to write and learn more about all of you. When I explain to people what my internship is, I love to use the example of the CT bucket list post. I publish every post with a new outlook on life. So for that, thank you COLONTOWN!

I asked you guys what is something positive you have learned from cancer? 

Personally, I have grown up ten years in a matter of months. I have learned that life is precious and to seize the day every day. If you want to know more, I will gladly send you my college essay titled “ Lessons from cancer.”

We are all thinking from different views. A prime example: my parents. My mother,  Rachel, says that you can’t take all your money with you, therefore you should spend it all. Quite the opposite of my dad, Craig, who said “I have learned that my family is more important than anything else in the world – without them I wouldn’t be there.” Way to make us all cry. 

Rachel & Craig Topper


Kim Murphy says that her cancer diagnosis has made her stronger, yet more moral:

“I don’t know my expiration date, but I am reminded daily that it will happen – and in that, I feel alive. Now, understand I am not terminal, and I don’t know if I would feel the same if I was, but being stage 3b, I feel I dodged a bullet, but that bullet is still floating around me.” 

Kim Murphy


Like Kim, many feel that they are stronger than they ever thought they would be. 

Joe Bullock, Valerie Muller, Roxane Kraus


Through this journey, we turn to friends and family. We learn that no matter what they will be there for us, and they are our rock. Cancer brings us closer to our loved ones, and shows us that the ones we didn’t think would be there for us, are actually some of our biggest supporters. 

Julia Clauer

“I learned who really love and support me. And it wasn’t the people I thought it would be. “ 

Sheryl Chapman

“Cancer has brought me closer to my husband, my children, my family, cousins, parish and faith.”

LB Berns

“relationships are really all that matters.”

-Julia Clauer


We are always taught “treat others the way you want to be treated.” Sometimes, through life, that lesson slips through our head. There are times before cancer I failed to think of others, and put myself first. 

Its crazy how once cancer came into my life, I thought beyond myself. An outlook where I think from other people’s shoes. I am more aware of my surroundings.

“ I am really careful to be kind to everyone I encounter, no matter my mood or theirs. You truly have no idea what others are going through, even if they look picture-perfect.”

Steph Scholl

“I’m less critical of people. I guess I realize that we are all going through something.”

Shiray Berry 

Kelly Anderson

“Most people are incredibly kind.

Toxic people are not worth my time or energy.”

Kelly Anderson

“Made me more sympathetic to other people’s struggles”

Jose Baez

“the depths of fear can reveal the best of humanity”

Julia Clauer


 And finally, we learn that every day is a gift, we are taking marvelous trips, and creating the best memories!


To live life to the fullest and try to create memories for my kids, hubby and friends.”

Rene Roach

“Don’t wait until tomorrow or next year for that trip or experience. Do it now.”

Anne Seager 


“Time flies by when you don’t really want it to, but at the same time it can also go by too slowly. How can that be?

Right now I want time to fly by and fast forward to 2020 when I’ll be done with my “clean up chemo”. Starting 2020 with a whole new outlook including a healthy body (cancer-free), mind, and spirit will be a welcome change for me in the New Year. I’ve had quite the journey thus far in 2019.”

Terri Anderson

Terri Anderson

“ Don’t sweat the little stuff.”

Michelle Taoussile


Once you get out of your own head, things get a little easier and you can enjoy each day as it’s gifted to you! Much Love, Light and Positive Healing Energies as well as Blessings for Peace and Comfort to all my BATTLE BUDDIES!”

Roxann Hennessy

“Honestly to stop being afraid of everything. My husband loves jet skiing on the ocean doing long trips and finally last year I said screw it I’m going to. So we practiced and he bought me my own at the end of last summer and it changed my life – I’m serious. Owning and pushing through that fear has helped me immensely with my fear with cancer.”

Ann Campbell


COLONTOWN, you are all truly amazing and so special. I am so thankful I have the opportunity to learn from all of you and be apart of a group that can share and raise awareness for something so close to my heart. 


Peace n’ love, 



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