Dane Kissel

11/15/83 - 11/14/22

Dane Allen Kissel died on Monday, November 14, 2022, one day before his 39th birthday and following a year and half of chemotherapy and surgeries for rectal cancer.

Dane’s life was marked by laughter, a profound, unwavering love for his family and friends, who he made into family, and making and capturing memories. He worked as a videographer and in his work shooting and editing weddings, he had a passion for being present to these deeply special moments in the lives of families and loved to edit them together in a way that showed each family’s unique story. He worked hard in his young adult life to push himself out of his comfort zone and when he took the leap to move to Chicago, he took some comedy classes and worked on developing skills as a stand-up comedian.

Beyond any career, one of Dane’s goals in life was to grow into the person who others could come to in a moment of need. He wanted to strike it rich, not for his own benefit, but to be able to host and give to others. It would bring him such delight and pride to know that helping others is a part of his lasting legacy. We are so glad you have come to this page to help others seek second opinions in their treatment in his honor.

Dane Kissel

The quote attributed to Maya Angelou comes to mind when we think about Dane: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said… [and] what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Dane made everyone he came in contact with feel hilarious, cared for, accepted and special. Above all, Dane loved to laugh. Dane gave everyone who spoke on his wedding day the instructions that there should be at least two laughs in what they prepared.

It is the hope of the family that all who read this will take those instructions to heart and infuse laughter into all you do and say, especially when thinking about our husband, son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle and friend, Dane Kissel. 


Please consider a donation to PALTOWN in Dane’s honor. Gifts will go to support the COLONTOWN community for colorectal cancer patients and their families, and to the Second Opinion Project, which helps stage IV patients seek new treatment options. 

Jacquie and her husband got support from the Second Opinion Project