Empowered Patient Leaders Program

PALTOWN’s Empowered Patient Leaders (EPL) Workshops train patients and caregivers to be community leaders and social influencers for their networks in and beyond COLONTOWN.

Since 2018, our EPL Workshops have welcomed more than 250 participants. PALTOWN’s program and management staff is drawn almost entirely from the ranks of EPL graduates, as are our COLONTOWN neighborhood admins.

Participants learn best practices in community management, share experiences, and work together to develop solutions for the many issues that arise in the conversations in COLONTOWN’s 100+ neighborhoods. 

EPL medal

In 2023, our EPL program included both virtual and in-person Workshops. 
Combining these modalities allows us to reach participants from around the world while continuing to foster the deep relationships that an in-person event creates.  

New for 2024! The team is working on an on-demand, e-course EPL curriculum to add to the ways in which patients and caregivers can access this popular program!

Our EPL Facilitators

Each Workshop is facilitated by experienced community leaders, including alumni of previous Workshops. Additional faculty include representatives from advocacy organizations and prominent clinicians.

EPL September 2022 Agenda
Sample Virtual EPL Agenda

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