A Lesson in Living in Defiant Joy

This post is excerpted from a recent contribution by Lindsey Musick in COLONTOWN DOWNTOWN, the central neighborhood in COLONTOWN. Check out our complete list of neighborhoods.

If anyone is prepared for the stress and the trials we are experiencing right now it us. COLONTOWN has mastered the art of connecting without physical contact. We know how to make things happen through the power of technology. We also have the biggest international support system out there.  

Network of people connecting

As cancer thrivers we are already accustomed to being alone at times. We are accustomed to pain and loss. However, we are also not unfamiliar with incredible triumphs. There are those among us who have rocked stage 4 CRC for years and come out strong.

I want to encourage everyone not forget who we are in the midst of this. We are learners of science, thrivers in difficult circumstances, and each other’s best advocates. We live Defiant Joy! We will continue to do this through hard times.

Let us do what we do best, Colontown. Defiant Joy! Research! Love!

Picture of Lindsey Musick
Lindsey Musick

Lindsey is a stage iv colorectal cancer patient, a graduate of PALTOWN's Empowering Patient Leaders Workshop program, and a neighborhood admin in COLONTOWN.

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