Lu Family Fund
Felix and Dianna Lu and their daughter

The Lu Family Fund was created by Felix Lu in memory of his wife Dianna, to support PALTOWN and its colorectal cancer community COLONTOWN.

Since its creation in July 2020, the Lu Family Fund has been the single largest fundraiser in PALTOWN’s history. 


Felix explains

COLONTOWN was the greatest resource I had for research in dealing with this disease. It’s also a community that offers much-needed emotional support for patients and caregivers alike. What I got from COLONTOWN was immeasurable; although I hope PALTOWN is never relevant to me in that same way again, I do want to keep paying back as much as I can.

The purposes of the Lu Family FUnd

Most stage iv crc patients are considered terminal by their care teams, and the standard of care is “chemo for life.” Some stage iv patients can benefit from more aggressive treatment, however; these patients can survive well past 5 years, and can even achieve a durable “no evidence of disease” response. In most cases, patients need to seek out a second opinion to understand and access these more aggressive treatment options. By supporting stage iv crc patients in seeking a second opinion early in the process, I believe outcomes can be improved, and, eventually, the “standard of care” could be redefined.  That’s the goal.

PALTOWN is a small non-profit, run almost entirely by patients and caregivers, most of them volunteers.  The bulk of the money raised will go directly to patients and caregivers. We can help save people. We can help save families.  Thank you.