Tom's Pride Clinical Trials Navigators

Inspired by patient-scientist Dr. Tom Marsilje, who co-founded COLONTOWN’s clinical trials neighborhoods, this program trains community members about clinical trials as a treatment option and guides patients in identifying and pursuing appropriate clinical trial options.

Searching Safari

This new program is intended to reach stage IV CRC patients and caregivers who are interested in exploring clinical trials as a potential treatment option. 

The first Safari was a great success, with 100% of participants reporting that they gained an understanding of how clinical trials could fit into their treatment goals.

After the workshops, participants will

Program Faculty

Picture of Julie Saliba Clauer

Julie Saliba Clauer

Julie, a stage IV CRC patient, is a COLONTOWN Cabinet Member and manages our education programs.

Picture of Steve Schwarze

Steve Schwarze

Steve was a Professor of Communications and a stage IV CRC patient. This program is part of his tremendous legacy to PALTOWN and all his COLONTOWN "neighbors."

Navigator Training Program

Our inaugural training, presented in 2020 in collaboration with Fight CRC, offered participants from COLONTOWN and Fight CRC’s Research Advocacy and Training Support Program the opportunity to:

  • Share in-depth knowledge about the Late-Stage MSS Trial Finder and other trial-finding resources
  • Learn about relevant biomarkers and other factors than can help patients narrow their trial options
  • Learn about genomic testing related to clinical trial selection
  • Practice conversation techniques for helping patients clarify their goals for participating in clinical trials
  • Lay the groundwork for implementing a trial navigation program in COLONTOWN
2020 Program Faculty
Picture of Steve Schwarze

Steve Schwarze

Steve, a Professor of Communications and stage iv crc patient, is PALTOWN's Director of Clinical Trials Programming.

Picture of Manju George

Manju George

Manju, PALTOWN's Scientific Director, manages COLONTOWN's CRC 101 group. A PhD and DVM, she is a rectal cancer survivor and clinical trials educator.

Picture of Maia Walker

Maia Walker

Maia, a longtime clinical trials navigator and patient advocate, is Lead Curator of Fight CRC's Trial Finder.

2023 Program Sponsors

Erasca Foundation

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2021 Program Sponsors

Bristol Myers Squibb

2020 Program Partner

Fight CRC