PALTOWN External Partnerships: Guiding Principles

All Partnerships should:

  • Provide clear and direct benefit to patients and caregivers
  • Be conducted with fully transparent disclosure of incentives, financial or otherwise, offered to PALTOWN
Where the partner entity provides financial support to PALTOWN, this support would fall within specific parameters under these models:
  • Program support – terms of support clearly explained on PALTOWN website and in other public communications
  • Unrestricted funds –  for use at the discretion of PALTOWN in support of its mission and operations
  • Direct compensation of patients – for use of their data, their feedback, and their time

PALTOWN may communicate to community members regarding opportunities offered by partner entities to participate in programs or access services. PALTOWN will disclose the partnership relationship as part of these communications.

PALTOWN will not:
  • Engage in fee for service arrangements with external entities
  • Promote or feature a service or resource (including informational or educational content) as a condition of a partnership agreement, and will not exclude or include any resource based on whether financial support has been provided to PALTOWN
  • Provide direct access to patient/caregiver community members or community member contact information
  • Provide community-generated content or data to a partner entity without disclosure to the community members involved, including individually generated, aggregated, and/or de-identified content

Partnership proposals will be reviewed by PALTOWN staff in consultation with the COLONTOWN Cabinet, the Scientific Advisory Board, and the PALTOWN Board. Where needed, expert opinions from HCP, patients, or other stakeholders will be solicited.