PALTOWN Programs

PALTOWN empowers proactive patients and caregivers with educational tools and peer-to-peer support. Our programs provide connection, education, and support to thousands of colorectal cancer patients and caregivers. 

All our programs are created and managed by our patient and caregiver staff, who draw on their lived experience with cancer to give back in a meaningful way to their “neighbors.”

Community Programs

For colorectal cancer patients and caregivers

Home to more than 11,000 members in over 100 online "neighborhoods" spanning all aspects of the cancer experience. COLONTOWN is run entirely by patient and caregiver graduates of our Empowered Patient Leaders program.

EPL June 2023

The EPL program has become a cornerstone of PALTOWN’s patient education and community offerings. The Workshops train volunteer patients and caregivers to help run the 100+ neighborhoods in COLONTOWN, onboard new members, and expand the capacity of the community to provide both support and knowledge to its members.

Disease Education

Colorectal Cancer Education by Patients, For Patients

Searching Safari Workshop

The Searching Safari program teaches stage IV colorectal cancer patients how to navigate the clinical trials landscape.

Based on the experiences of the 3,000+ members of COLONTOWN’s clinical trials neighborhoods, this course provides practical, patient-centric tools for identifying trial options.

Outreach and Support

Second Opinion Project

The Second Opinion Project provides direct financial assistance to stage IV colorectal cancer patients seeking second opinions.

This project is the brainchild of caregiver Felix Lu, COLONTOWN member and caregiver for his wife Dianna, who passed away in 2020.

The Lu Family Fund supports the Second Opinion Project, which has approved 200 stage IV patients for assistance.

Derrière Diplomats

COLONTOWN patients are our best ambassadors! The Diplomats program sends participants to cancer centers all over the United States with materials for newly diagnosed patients and their care teams.