PALTOWN focuses on delivering patient-driven communities that provide authentic, safe environments for patients and caregivers where they connect, share, and discover new treatment options.

Our first community, COLONTOWN, for colorectal cancer patients and caregivers, currently has over 4600 members in more than 100 neighborhoods. COLONTOWN is run entirely by patients and caregivers, many of whom are graduates of our Empowering Patient Leaders Workshop program. Meet the Community Leaders who make COLONTOWN possible!


COLONTOWN is an online community of more than 100 "secret" groups on Facebook for colorectal patients, survivors, and caregivers. There are separate neighborhoods focused on patients with different stages of disease, the differing types of treatment, and special interests - such as CRC clinical trials, young-onset CRC patients, and local support groups. Every neighborhood is nurtured by a volunteer admin (or several), themselves living the experience.


Membership is by application only. Fill out the registration form on if you are interested in joining!

What COLONTOWN Means to Me: Hear From Our Members