Searching Safari Workshop

The Searching Safari program is part of a growing portfolio of clinical trials resources, reflecting PALTOWN’s focus on patient education and empowerment.

Our Education team developed this innovative new offering in response to the frustration and anxiety we see in our clinical trials COLONTOWN groups, where more than 3,000 patients and caregivers discuss trial options.

Searching Safari is available to COLONTOWN members as a 4-week virtual workshop. Look for our new on-demand e-learning course later in 2024! 

First Program Year Impact

A poster presented at ASCO GI 24 by the Workshop team — all patients themselves — offered a look at how successful the Safari curriculum has been in helping participants engage with the clinical trial system. 

Searching Safari Course Outline
Feedback from patients

This course has been the most helpful thing for us in these 5 years

I'm not scared of trials anymore

Thank you for... helping us with an incredibly complex and challenging avenue for those experiencing mCRC