buck·et list


  1. a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
    “making this trip is the first thing on my bucket list”

My bucket list includes: seeing the northern lights, going to Europe, and swimming with dolphins. 

Cancer has not stopped my family from completing our bucket list, but has actually made us do more things. 

We like to ‘carpe diem’ (seize the day) every day. 

So far we have taken a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, walked the Las Vegas Strip, and went to the number one ranked beach in the world in Turks and Caicos! 

I asked you guys what was on your bucket list and I got some fabulous answers. I want to create this list to share what other COLONTOWNies have thought of and maybe it can give you some ideas. 

Lindsey Emma wants to run a half marathon again, take a trip to Sanibel Island, an adventure to Israel, and get her masters degree in social work. 

Annie Ferrence wants to go skydiving once she’s done with chemo. Please sign me up to dive with you, but don’t tell my parents- they would never let me go!

Susan Rutledge has an upcoming trip to Alaska planned! That is the most beautiful place on earth! 10/10 recommend. 

Josh Warren’s 5 year plan is to be a healthy retiree. 

Brian Spangler attended the Indy500 this year! How cool? Fellow COLONTOWNie Courtney Webster has also ridden in the back of an Indy500 car!

Ian Schwigtenberg wants to do more family oriented activities, but swimming with seals is also on his list! 

Diane Dexter is going on a fall cruise to New Englnd. She also wants to visit the Middle East early next year. Also on her bucket list is an open mic night of  original music: “I also have always wanted to do an “open mic night” of original music, but I can’t sing, play or write, so that the item will have to be unchecked!” 

Diane!! Go for it! I got a B+ in chorus class in 6th grade when it was supposed to be an easy A and I still sing Grease every single day on my way to school. My family still tells me to stop singing but nothing can stop me!

Alysen Johnston is learning how to scuba dive next spring. 

Mark Anderson wants to ‘“test the limits of psychedelics” and spend a week at the Oregon coast during the storm season. Mark, when you go on your trip, please bring my brother, feel free to leave him there. 


Anyway, all of us have our bucket lists and sometimes cancer prevents us from checking off the most adventurous tasks. If I have learned anything from being a child of a cancer patient, it is to live every day to the fullest, and check the little things off your bucket list! 

Thank you to all who shared their lists!

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