July 16, 2019: PALTOdoctor and patient discuss scansWN CEO Erika Brown has published a new editorial describing her vision for patient navigators to help increase participation in cancer clinical trials. In PALTOWN’s colorectal cancer community, COLONTOWN, this vision is becoming a reality. COLONTOWN’s 140 “neighborhoods” include 9 focused on clinical trials, all led by patient volunteers who work to bring accurate information and education about trial options to the nearly 1500 members of these groups. PALTOWN has launched a new initiative to train our clinical trials patient navigators, as part of our commitment to developing patient leaders and enabling patients and caregivers to become active participants in care decisions. Read Erika’s piece in Clinical Leader.

Picture of Erika Brown

Erika Brown

Co-Founder and CEO, PALTOWN, and Founding Mayor, COLONTOWN

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